Westerwood Global enhances Corporate Governance with new Board of Directors

As Westerwood Global continues to grow in our key strategic locations in Ireland, Europe and 4 regions of the Unites States, we have taken the strategic decision to create a board of directors with industry and business wide experts to safeguard and enable us to grow in line with our customer expectations and demands.

Business governance is very important to our long term business growth plans.

Our environmental vision is to continue to deliver quality services while actively performing in an environmentally conscious manner. Westerwood Global places an immense emphasis on equal employment, encourage diversity in the workplace and apply an open-door policy for inclusion of all employees.

Our diversity program encourages people from any gender, background, ethnicity, culture, education and experience to join the company and more importantly build a career through employee development.

We want to develop the best people for the right career. Career development is at the core of our commitment to employees. We aim to promote in excess of 20% of our employees year on year.

We insist on equal employment opportunities as well as delivery and governance of robust policies to protect all stakeholders in our working environment, in particular our employees. Policies such as Equal Employment Opportunities, Code of Conduct, Grievance, Bullying and Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Misconduct and Privacy are all at the core of our people and corporate governance.

Together with our new Board of Directors, we look forward to achieving our targets and continue to exceed customer expectations with performance delivered.