Stay Safe – Westerwood Global response to COVID-19

Stay safe is the message from Westerwood Global. We are committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees. As the majority of our employees work will remain based on our customer sites as essential, we have taken immediate safety protocols to protect the safety of our employees, customers and 3rd party colleagues.

Westerwood Global has immediately commenced an Executive Taskforce Team to give direction and support to employees on a daily basis. This is done in partnership with our customers as well as details guidance from world, local and national health organizations. We are committed to continuous communication and have taken the appropriate actions and policy updates with regard to PPE and physical distancing.

As PPE is short in supply and we want to supply chain to function to those in most need, Westerwood Global offices are closed with the exception of essential business needs and only for the period of that need.

International travel is no longer permitted until further notice.

We have upgraded our IT infrastructure to facilitate remote working where possible and we have introduced safe methods for Recruitment and interviewing for the safety of all involved.

We feel deeply committed to support employees and the communities we operate in, and we take all measures necessary to guarantee that we can keep supporting our customers, while protecting the health and safety of our employees. People, Safety, Customer and Quality is at the forefront of our service delivery and we will ensure this continues in a COVID safe environment. We will ensure no employee is at greater risk by coming to work.

Our thoughts are with the people affected and Westerwood Global sincerely thank and keep in our the thoughts the Westerwood Global employees, their families and all people working in healthcare and essential services. Stay Safe.