Transcontinental 70 Tool Decommissioning and Relocation Project Wins WGNSTAR an Appreciation Award




NSURESM Equipment Relocation & Asset Management Services

Customer Profile

  • Leading integrated device manufacturer (IDM)
  • Operational fab

Business Challenge

Our customer required assistance to decommission and reinstall 70 semiconductor process tools in a new facility. These high-value assets needed to be disconnected, cleaned, packed, shipped safely and efficiently, reassembled, installed and requalified in a new facility. The long move crossed country lines and our team needed to adapt seamlessly, working with different cultures.

Technical Challenge

Once the assets shipped, tool installation needed to happen in a live production environment. There was great concern that the tool installation would cause fab downtime, so we made it our goal to prevent this from happening, while still completing the project in a safe and timely manner.

WGNSTAR® Solution

Our customer contacted us for help on this challenging move. They were overwhelmed and stressed, knowing that so many expensive tools needed to be shipped, representing a major risk to their business. Because a project of this magnitude is such a big undertaking, we work closely with our customers to determine their specific needs and provide peace of mind and confidence the project can be completed successfully.

For this customer, we crafted a custom, transcontinental and integrated project solution for the decommissioning/installation of 70 semiconductor process tools, leveraging our NSURESM equipment relocation services.

Our experienced project team performed decontamination, decommission, disassembly, move-out/crating, shipment, uncrating and reinstallation of more than 70 tools, ancillary and support equipment within the live production environment. We followed the procedures of the old and new fab, while implementing our top safety standards and project know-how.

A key differentiator for WGNSTAR on this project was our ability to use the same technical resources for both deinstallation and installation of the tools to provide continuity of tool knowledge, reducing variability and risk. We supplemented this core team with additional support provided by our locally hired engineers to reduce costs without jeopardizing quality.

The project was so successful that our team received the customer’s Appreciation Award for its outstanding contributions completed with zero safety incidents.

Our NSURE equipment relocation services support:

  • Tool assessment
  • Decontamination
  • Decommissioning
  • Rigging and crating
  • Transport
  • Setup


The tools were released to the customer ready for operation, enabling seamless and full integration into the production process. Our customer benefited by reusing existing tool sets, saving significant capital expenditures and not being exposed to a fab shutdown that would have significantly impacted production.

As an NSURE services customer, you receive:

  • A customized, flexible and efficient solution that will protect the value of your assets
  • Our established procedures and documentation that integrate into your project structure and requirements
  • Access to our QR code asset marking and tracking system, NTRACKSM, as well as detailed daily reporting of project activity
  • Disposal services through EPA-licensed sites and certificates of destruction

What this means for you:

WGNSTAR works to minimize risk, through careful planning and execution, while maintaining an environment of personal and site safety for all to work.

With a long-standing reputation for successful, safe and efficient moves, NSURE equipment relocation services provide you with the best custom solution to maintain and extend the life of your valuable assets. To learn more, contact us or visit our NSURE Equipment Relocation & Asset Management services page.

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