Performing Upgrades on Legacy Tools Worldwide, Allowing OEM to Exceed Customer Needs and Maintain Costs




NFABSM Equipment Support Services

Company Profile

  • Company established in 1999
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • 200/300mm Semiconductor Equipment

Business Challenges

This OEM needed to provide its customer with a major redesign of its capital equipment without placing a significant burden on its current structure. This upgrade would ensure future visibility with name recognition on its current tool line.

Technical Challenges

To provide a first time major change to a legacy tool set without increasing its current head count. The task was to complete 100 upgrades in a two-year time span while keeping its customers’ costs in alignment.

WGNSTAR Solution

This company decided to outsource the project. However, they wanted to maintain the total customer relationship. They estimated that, if the program was successful, they would have the option to provide more than 100 upgrades throughout the US and Asia in a 24-month time span. WGNSTAR would be the overall project labor supplier and would become the subject matter experts on the legacy tool set.


By having WGNSTAR provide the labor solutions, the cost would be maintained at a managed level, and no additional manpower/head count would be added by the OEM. Customers are always asking for additional work to be done while waiting on a project to be completed. By using the outsourced labor solution, the OEM could control its manpower requirements by stating that the work was outsourced to a specialized vendor. Any change orders would have to be performed on an upfront materials and labor basis.

What this Means to WGNSTAR Clients

  • In-house training is provided and cost sharing by the OEM and WGNSTAR together, resulting in buy‐in and cost‐sharing from both partners.
  • Longer assignment lengths allow WGNSTAR to provide corporate housing at a reduced cost.
  • WGNSTAR is able to provide other customer support for the OEM on a worldwide basis, due to being identified as the experts on the tool.

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