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Emergency Medical Technician - ID001


Full Time


Boise, ID, 83716,
United States

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Emergency Medical Technician – ID001

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WGNSTAR is a dynamic and growing company with a global footprint. Primarily focused on the semiconductor industry, we provide a platform for you to expand your career with knowledge gained on the job training, and tailored development. We know we need talented people like you that hold similar values, which is why we do not put limits on learning, development, industry, and personal growth. Start your path to a WGNSTAR career today!

Pay rate: $19.00- $23.00.

The principal duties and responsibilities will be:

  • Functions as ERT Captain to lead the safe conclusion and documentation of unplanned events

  • Provide medical care and documentation

  • Inspects emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, SCBA and Safety Showers to ensure they are ready for use.

  • Performs safety walkthroughs to identify and correct unsafe conditions

  • Conduct safety technician tasks such as light and sound level surveys, respirator fit tests and coordinates fire drills.

  • Run small safety related projects such as ERT training development and delivery.

  • Develop and maintain department procedures.

  • Carries out company, department, and area policies.


  •  Ability to become certified as, Confined Space Rescue Team Member     and ERT Incident Commander level responder (including SCBA)
  • Medical responder with EMT license

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

  • Has working knowledge of Microsoft Office Products.

  • Demonstrates professionalism and pride in work.

  • Demonstrates skills in handling confrontational situations, problem solving and command presence.

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